Early Whipple Immigrants

Two sets of Whipple immigrants arrived in New England in the 1630s:

  1. The teenage John Whipple sailed from England on the ship Lyon and arrived in Dorchester (in present-day Boston) on September 16, 1632. He was about 15 years old, born about 1617 somewhere in England. In 1658–when about 41 years of age–John, his wife Sarah (maiden name and birthplace uncertain) moved with his nine children to Providence, Rhode Island, where two additional children were born. John died in Providence on May 16, 1685.
  2. The middle-aged brothers Matthew (born about 1590) and John Whipple, (born 1596) arrived to Ipswich, Massachusetts, from their native Bocking, Essex County, England six years later, in 1638. Both were in their forties when they arrived. Matthew died in Ipswich on September 28, 1647; John died in Ipswich on June 30, 1669. Matthew and John were the children of Matthew Whipple of Bocking.

So What’s the Big Deal?

Try to find an online database (other than Whipple.org) that hasn’t merged the families of those Whipple generations.

Because of their copious citations, the books and journal on the following pages will help you identify for yourself the original Whipple immigrants of the 1630s:

Dorchester/Providence Immigrants

Bocking/Ipswich Immigrants

As we identify our Whipple roots, we can correct our own databases.