About This Site

About This Site



The Whipple Website (www.whipple.org) is dedicated to Whipples and their descendants, whenever and wherever they have lived. It is the goal of the associated Whipple Genweb (genweb.whipple.org) and Whipple Database (db.whipple.org) to collect, organize and validate genealogical information about descendants of anyone named Whipple.


The Whipple Website is owned and maintained by Weldon Whipple, the webmaster, chief genealogist, hobbyist, programmer/engineer and system administrator. (Actually, numerous better genealogists contribute most of the information to the Whipple Website. Weldon tries to keep up with numerous emails from contributors, entering the information into the database, while minimizing typos.)

Genealogical Contributions

We welcome additions and corrections to the Whipple Genweb and Whipple Database. (Both sites present the same information, in different formats.) The sites focus on descendants of Whipples, their spouses, and the parents of those spouses. All descendants are included, even if their surname is no longer Whipple.

Most data formats are acceptable. Some common popular formats include:

  • GEDCOM files (if you have genealogical software that generates GEDCOM files). Send it (optionally ZIPped) to webmaster@whipple.org.
  • OpenOffice, LibreOffice, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word Excel, or PDF files as email attachments.
  • Scans of documents (in jpeg, png, or other popular formats)
  • Mail xeroxes, printouts, CDs and diskettes to the webmaster. (Send email to webmaster@whipple.org for the mailing address.)

(A blank pedigree chart and family group sheet are available for printing. If your browser can't display them properly, try downloading (for free) the Adobe Reader)

Linking to This Site

We give your web site permission to link to pages in the Whipple Website and the Whipple Genweb. (This includes "deep links" from your site to pages within the Whipple Website.) You need not ask our permission.

How to Link to an Individual's Whipple Genweb Page

The weekly regeneration of the 144,000+ pages of the Whipple Genweb is bound to break your web site's links to your favorite relative—unless you follow the following steps!

  1. Locate the page of the person you want to link to.
  2. Look in the edit box at the top of your browser for an address that looks something like:


    Note that the address ends with an uppercase "I" followed by a number (366 in the example) followed by ".html".
  3. Jot down the number (366 in this example). Each individual has his or her unique number—which almost never changes. (By the way, 366 is the number for Captain John Whipple of Providence, Rhode Island.)
  4. In your web page, the link to the above page will be something like:


    (Note that the above is the URL for the Whipple Website home page, with the addition of a slash and the number. When the web server notices a URL in that format—with the slash and number appended to the home page address—it redirects the browser to "this week's" address for the person with number 366.)

The instructions above also work for the Whipple Database. To link directly to individual 366, the URL would look like:


History of Site

According to The webmaster:

The Whipple Website began as an AOL user website in 1995 or 1996. I created 3-4 pages that traced my ancestry to Captain John Whipple of Providence. I also showed my assumed connection to Elder John Whipple of Bocking. (I later learned that that second connection was bogus.)

On the 4th of July 1996, a distant Whipple cousin from Canada found my web page and sent me her Whipple ancestry. (She was descended from another Weldon Whipple—a firefighter in La Crosse, Wisconsin.) So I added another page, announcing to visitors that there were actually two Weldon Whipples. (My name wasn't so unusual after all!) [Note: I have since found a third Weldon Whipple!]

I changed Internet service providers four times that first year, each change requiring an email address change. I finally found www.akamail.com, which advertised the ability to forward email from a "permanent" email address to whatever my current email address is. Since the domain whipple.org was still available, I chose an email address of weldon@whipple.org, and placed an order with akamail.com.

A few days later, I was surprised to receive an email from www.vshost.com, reporting that the virtual web server www.whipple.org had been set up and was now available. I hadn't requested a web server! Whoever set up the mail forwarding account had mistakenly set up a web server in addition to the email forwarding address.

I contacted the hosting provider; they promptly corrected their mistake and deleted the web server. As days passed, I became intrigued by the thought of a web site about Whipples and eventually asked them to reinstate www.whipple.org. I became "owner" of the whipple.org domain on January 7, 1997.

The site was originally called the Whipple Organization. ("Organization" was an expansion of the "org" suffix.) By June 1997, the first genealogical tables appeared on the Whipple Organization web site. I made them by hand; they had quite a few errors. At about the same time I discovered a program called GED2HTML ("GEDCOM to HTML") that would automatically generate web pages from a GEDCOM file. I quickly adopted GED2HTML. I also changed the name to Whipple Web Site, then Whipple Website.

With a way to generate web pages automatically, I obtained the latest version of Personal Ancestral File (PAF) and started inputting genealogy I have been collecting.

I continue (2018) to use PAF to maintain the database. I've supplemented GED2HTML with a number of scripts to search and reformat the GED2HTML pages.

The Whipple Website has grown to now include the Whipple Database (https://db.whipple.org) and several other sub-websites.


As the webmaster's hobby, the Whipple Website is funded entirely by him. He also provides all administration, programming and web hosting services for the Whipple Genealogical Web. It is the goal of the Whipple Website to remain completely free of charge.

In the past, visitors to the Whipple Website have asked about making donations to the site, but we have never had a mechanism for accepting donations. In response to those requests, benefactors who wish to donate to the Whipple Website may do it through PayPal by clicking on the following button:

Future of the Whipple Website

The webmaster intends to continue the Whipple Website indefinitely. We'll see how that goes.

© Whipple Website. All rights reserved.