Disconnected Whipples

Disconnected Whipples

Scope of the List

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This page lists heads of descendancy trees that don't (yet) trace their ancestry back to either of the following early Whipples:

  1. John Whipple of Providence, RI (born about 1617 in England ... somewhere). He immigrated to America in 1632.
    Recently some have wondered if John Whaples of Great Waltham, Essex County, England might be the same person as John Whipple of Providence. See a Whipple Blog post that introduces that possibility.
  2. Thomas Whipple of Bishop's Stortford, England (born about 1475). Two of his great grandsons immigrated to Ipswich, MA from Bocking, Essex Co., England in 1638:

Noteworthy Disconnected Whipples Included:

Two German Whipples
  • The list still includes the George Whipple who immigrated to the U.S. from Baden-Baden (in the present-day German state of Baden Württemberg) in 1844. The Whipple Website should probably recognize him officially as the head of a third distinct branch.
  • It also includes Joseph Whipple who immigrated to the U.S. from "Germany" in 1860. In 1879 he married another immigrant from Germany, Elizabeth Heyman, who had immigrated in 1860 (at the age of 7, according to the 1900 census). They were living in Ohio in 1900.
Irish Whipples?
The list also includes Robert Eugene Whipple, purportedly of County Cork, Ireland, who could (maybe) become a fifth distinct American group of Whipples.
Other Disconnected U.K. Whipples
It also includes U.K. Whipples (mainly gleaned from the 1881 U.K. Census). So far, we have no connections between them and the Bishop's Stortford/Bocking Whipples or the Rhode Island Whipples

The List

The following are the heads of disconnected Whipple descendancy "trees." Whipples born in England (or the present-day United Kingdon) are marked with before their name. If you have evidence that adds connections for any of the Whipples below, please notify the Webmaster. (Please likewise report typos or broken links to the Webmster.)

  1. Henry Edwards Whipple Allen was born 12 Sep 1822 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., MA.
  2. Whipple Allen (b. 16 May 1813 in Mendon, Worcester Co., MA) announced his intentions to marry Amanda N. Taft on 20 May 1843 in Milford, Worcester Co., MA. His parents were Lewis Allen and Rhoda Hayward.
  3. Joseph Whipple Annable married Esther Brown on 19 Feb 1795 in Hamilton, Essex Co., MA. They were parents of 8 identified children.
  4. Katherine Whipple Bates was born 22 Aug 1806 in Charlton, Worcester Co., MA.
  5. Whipple Bennett (b. 4 Feb 1800 in Spencer, Worcester Co., MA; d. 26 Aug 1848 in Spencer) was the son of Ezra and Sarah Bennett.
  6. Elizabeth Whipple Carey (b. 6 Dec 1819 in Brookfield, Worcester, MA) was the daughter of Avery and Abiah Cary.
  7. William Whipple Davenport, of Wrentham, Norfolk Co., MA, married Elizabeth Stone on 30 Jan 1812 in Rutland, Worcester Co., MA.
  8. Asa Whipple Davis (b. 1810, of Providence, RI; d. 5 May 1852, RI) married Mary Thurber Holmes. He was the son of Joseph Davis.
  9. Benjamin Edwards Whipple Davis (b. 10 Mar 1822 in Shrewsburry, Worcester Co., MA) was the son of Elisha Davis and Sarah Drake.
  10. Alvira Judson Whipple Dudley was born 4 Apr 1822 in Danvers, Essex Co., MA. Her parents were Josiah and Sally P. (Wells) Dudley.
  11. George Whipple Dunham (b. 18 May 1848 in Oxford, Worcester Co., MA) was the son of Daniel and Julianne Dunham.
  12. Edwards Whipple Eager (b. 22 Oct 1822 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA) was the son of Nahum Eager and Elizabeth Nelson.
  13. Whipple Farnum (b. 26 Nov 1800 in Uxbridge, Worcester Co., MA; d. 13 Jun 1877 in Uxbridge) married twice in Uxbridge: (1) Prudence Staples 29 Nov 1829 and (2) Lydia A. Sears 4 Nov 1847.
  14. Edward Whipple Fisk was born 30 Jun 1805 in New Braintree, Worcester Co., MA.
  15. Whipple Freeman, of Bellingham, Norfolk Co., MA, married Sabra Cook 9 Sep 1790, Cumberland, RI. His father was Nathan Freeman.
  16. Mary Whipple Gilbert (b. 15 Mar 1811 in Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA) was the daughter of Bethuel Gilbert and Cloe Hill.
  17. John Whipple Hall was borh 5 Mar 1809 in Mendon, Worcester Co., MA.
  18. Whipple Hayward was born 30 Jun 1793 in Milford, Worcester Co., MA, to Adam and Judith Hayward.
  19. Corodon Whipple Hewit (b. 12 Aug 1826 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA) was the son of Richard Hewet and Maranda E. Crosman.
  20. Edward Whipple Lathe was born 3 Dec 1821 in Charlton, Worcester Co., MA.
  21. Harriet Whipple Nichols was born 17 Jun 1835 in Gardner, Worcester Co., MA and died 20 Sep 1835 in Gardner.
  22. Edwards Whipple Pond (b. 24 May 1826 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., MA; d. 1888 in Shrewsbury) was the son of Asa Pond and Emeline Dresser. He married Mary A. Daniels (b. abt 1849) on 5 May 1882 in Shrewsbury.
  23. Hannah Whipple Rand was born 27 Apr 1814 in Greenfield, Franklin Co., MA, to Ebenezer and Dolly Rand.
  24. Whipple Stone (b. 2 Apr 1773 in Cranston, Providence Co., RI; d. before 9 Nov 1822 in Cranston) was the son of Peter Stone and Mary Hammond. He married (1) Henrietta Collins abt 1794 and (2) Catharine Carder abt 1808.
  25. Myron Whipple Sweet (b. 2 Oct 1829 near Palmyra, Wayne, NY, d. 23 Dec 1886 in MI) married Martha Ann Edwards on Christmas day 1843.
  26. Benjamin Whipple Thomas was born 15 Jul 1837 in Auburn, Worcester Co., MA, to Dandridge and Ann Caroline (Slade) Thomas.
  27. Levi Whipple Warner (b. abt 7 Jun 1806; d. 28 Jul 1844 in Hardwick, Worcester Co., MA) married Luther[i]a Clark (b. 21 Feb 1810) on 10 Apr 1832 in Hardwick. They had at least 3 children.
  28. Edwards Whipple Wheelock (b. 19 Sep 1824 in Sturbridge, Worcester Co., MA) was the son of Hiram Wheelock and Fanny Corey.
  29. Aaron Whipple (a.k.a. Joseph's Aaron, Aaron Joseph) was "purchased" by Colonel Joseph Whipple of Providence, RI.
  30. Albert G. Whipple (b. 4 May 1799, d. 24 Aug 1845, bur. South Cemetery, Brooklyn, Windham Co., CT) and his wife Rebecca (b. abt 1801, d. 8 Aug 1842, bur. with her husband) were parents of Jane Whipple (b. abt 1822, d. 24 Nov 1845, bur. with her parents). According to Wm Richard Cutter A.M., Editor, Historian NEHG, Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to the Families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 1908, Vol III, Albert was a partner of Elisha Converse, nephew of Jonathan Converse, who was married to Esther Whipple.
  31. Albert (Pah bah gin ewe) Whipple (b. 1867 in MN, still alive for the 1930 census of Pine Lake, Cass Co., MN) and his wife Ah ma je wainee were parents of seven known children.
  32. Alzina (or Almira) Whipple (b. 13 May 1813 in NY, d. 10 Jun 1886). Married to Riley Handy 6 Mar 1831. Three children: Jerome, Mary, Austin.
  33. Amos Whipple (b. about 1827 in CT, d. 15 Jan 1864 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT) and Laura Ann Bogue (b. abt 1835 in CT, d. after 1900) were parents of Calvin Whipple and Sarah Irene Whipple.
  34. Amos Whipple (d. before 1900) and Rosilla H. (b. 4 Jul 1813 or 1808, d. 5 Nov 1901) were parents of Cyrus B. Whipple (b. abt 1839 or 1840 in RI, d. 26 Apr 1891 in Woonsocket, RI).
  35. Amey Whipple (b. 1795 in VT, d. 1863, buried in Mount Zion Cemetery, Webster, MA) married John Havens Mixer (b. 1794 in VT, d. 1839 or 1844, buried in Mount Zion Cemetery, Webster, MA). They were parents of at least three children.
  36. Amy or Amey or Alma Whipple married Joseph Lawrence, who was born 1729 in Flushing, Long Island, NY, and died in Providence, RI.
  37. Andrew Jackson Whipple (b. 22 Jun 1832 in OH, d. 11 May 1915 in OK, bur. in Perkins Cemetery in Atoka Co., OK) married Nancy Jane Blizzard (b. abt 1834 in IL, d. before the 19 Jun 1900 census) in 1854 in IL. They had at 9 known children.
  38. Anne Whipple (b. abt 1725, of Smithfield, Providence Co., RI) married (1) Joseph Mowry 12 Feb 1743/44. She married (2) Jonathan Harris.
  39. Annie E. Whipple was born abt 1820 in Plymouth, Devon, England.
  40. Annis O. Whipple (b. 1 Nov 1815, d. 6 May 1868, resident of Portland, Chautauqua Co., NY) married Charles Abbott Marsh (b. 2 Apr 1816 in Nashua, N.H, d. 12 Apr 1882) on 5 Mar 1839. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Chautauqua Co., NY.
  41. Anstice (Nichols) Whipple (b. abt 2 Oct 1810, d. 20 Sep 1870) lived in Warwick, Kent Co., RI. She is buried in Brayton Cemetery in Warwick.
  42. Arca Morgan Whipple (b. 12 Apr 1786 in VT, d. 1 Jul 1858 in Detroit) married Mercy Stroud (b.25 May 1786, d. 14 Sep 1839, 6 miles south of Sandusky, OH). They were grandparents of marine lake artist Seth Arca Whipple.
  43. Arthur Whipple (b. 14 Sep 1853) married Hattie L. Barker. They were the parents of Herbert A. and Martha Whipple.
  44. Arthur Whipple was born abt 1860 in London, England.
  45. Arthur George Whipple (b. abt 1856 in NY, d. 3 Nov 1918, buried Lakeview Cemetery, Brockport, Monroe Co., NY) and his wife Letitia Mary McLeod (b. abt 1836 in Canada, d. 9 Apr 1921, buried Lakeview Cemetery, Brockport, Monroe Co., NY) were married in 1891 in Victoria, Australia. They had three known daughters.
  46. Avery Whipple (1776-1830) of NY married Lydia Kelley (b. 1774 in Nantucket, MA, d. 1860). Then had at least nine children. Following Avery's death, Lydia married (2) Enoch Ray.
  47. Azariah Whipple, b. about 1717, married Sarah Salisbury 3 Sep 1758 in Cumberland, RI.
  48. Barak G. Whipple was born about 1829 in Chenango Co., NY. He died before 3 Mar 1899, when his widow, Laura J. (Jane Laura) applied for pension based on Barak's Civil War service. The couple had at least one child, Hattie B. Whipple, listed in the 1870 U.S. Census of Eaton, Madison Co., NY.
  49. Barton Whipple and his wife Mary are the parents of Emerson Whipple (b. about 1813; d. 5 Ded 1886).
  50. Bayonne Whipple was the stage name of Fanny Elmina "Mina" Rose (b. 1865 in NY, d. 20 Feb 1937 on Balboa Island, Orange Co., CA; bur. Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, Tioga Co., NY. Bayonne played in Vaudeville and more with Walter Huston. In his autobiography, Fred Astaire stated that he "was billed under some greats such as Bayonne Whipple and Walter Houston."
  51. Betsey Whipple announced her intentions to marry John Willson (Wilson) on 17 Mar 1794 in Danvers, Essex Co., MA.
  52. Beverly J. Whipple (b. 20 Jan 1939, d. 10 Nov 1997) is buried in Ayers Cliff Cemetery, Ayers Cliff, Stanstead Co., Quebec, Canada next to her husband Lionel C. Schoolcraft (b. 16 Feb 1935).
  53. Caleb Whipple (b. abt 1808 in NY, lived in Niles, Berrien Co., MI on 22 Jul 1870) married Eunice Ann Tharp (b. 27 Jul 1831 in DE, also lived in Niles on 22 Jul 1870) in about 1851.
  54. Calvin Whipple (b. 15 Feb 1812 in Lisbon, Grafton Co., NH; d. 26 Mar 1865 in a hospital at Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, MA) married Sabrina Woodman (b. 12 Mar 1812 in Sutton, Caledonia Co., VT; d. 31 Mar 1902 in Boston, MA). They were parents of at least six children.
  55. Cesar N. Whipple (b. abt 1712 in London, England; d 22 May 1730; buried in the North Burial Ground in Providence, R.I) married Temple. Cesar was likely a black servant of Colonel Joseph Whipple.
  56. Charles Whipple announced his intentions to marry Sarah E. Daniels on 21 Sep 1839 in Medway, Norfolk Co., MA.
  57. Charles Whipple (b. 9 May 1805 in Hardwick, Caledonia Co., VT; d. 5 Jan 1879 in Menasha, Winnebago Co., WI; bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, Neenah, Winnebago, WI). He married (1) Mary Onion (b. 2 Mar 1808 in Chester, Windsor Co., VT; d. 2 Mar 1835; bur. in VT), then married on 1 Feb 1849 (2) Mary Ann Walker (b. 1 Sep 1816 in VT or NY; d. 26 Oct 1896; bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, Neenah, Winnebago, WI.
  58. Charles Whipple (b. abt 1814 in NY; still living 1850 in Saratoga Springs, NY) had at least four children.
  59. Charles B. Whipple (b. abt 1851) lived in Rockbridge Co., VA. He was enumerated in the 1860 census of Rockbridge Co. with Lucinda R. Whipple and her children.
  60. Charles R. Whipple (b. 25 Feb 1831 in OH, d. 9 Mar 1916, buried Masonic Cemetery, Twin Bridges, Madison Co., MT) married Hannah J. (b. 14 Dec 1835, d. 12 Dec 1901, buried Masonic Cemetery, Twin Bridges, Madison Co., MT). They had three known children, John D., Mary C., and Charles R. Jr..
  61. Charles Rutledge Whipple (b. abt 1852, d. 24 Nov 1880) is buried in the New Providence Presbyterian Church, Brownsburg, Rockbridge Co., VA.
    Charles Rutledge Whipple [probably] belongs in this family [of Andrew Boulware Whipple, great grandson of a Rutledge who was the sister of the governor of South Carolina] somewhere. The Southern Collegian published by Washington and Lee University, where Charles attended 1872-73, published a memoriam upon his death and notes as follows. He came from Virginia where he had taught at the McGuire School in Richmond and where he was also the editor and publisher of a political newspaper, The Intelligencer. From there he commenced to study law in 1875-76 at the University of Virginia, subsequently opening a law office in Richmond and shortly thereafter he became the Secretary to the Office of Governor (Virginia). Charles went to Nashville in July of 1880 to pursue work as a journalist. He died from a sudden illness in Nashville, Tennessee November 24, 1880, age 26. The University of Virginia lists him as born 1852 d 1880. --B. Huckins, 2 May 2008.
  62. Charlotte Whipple (baptized 26 Sep 1819 in Chester, MA--probably in her early teenage years) married Lyman Moor Eider (1 May 1807 - 23 Oct 1839) in Chester, MA, where their marriage intentions were recorded 28 Mar 1829. They had a son named Marcos Maro Eider (b. 21 Nov 1829).
  63. Christopher Whipple married Ann Holmes on 17 Aug 1796 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Then had at least two children.
  64. Christopher Whipple (of Catskill, Greene Co., NY) and Rachel Kierstede (also of Catskill) were parents of John Whipple (b. 1807 in Catskill).
  65. Christopher Whipple (b. abt 1814 in Bethlehem, Albany, NY, d. after 4 Jun 1880, possibly in Waterford, Saratoga Co., NY) married twice, to Jane Hanor and Mary Ann ?. He parented 5 children with each spouse.
  66. Connel Whipple (b. abt 1843 in Plymouth, Devon, England) and his wife Harriett were parents of at least three children.
  67. Cynthia Whipple of New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA, married Paul Winslow on 27 Jan 1807 in New Bedford.
  68. Cyrus Whipple (a.k.a. Silas Whipple) and Polly Baker were parents of Orrin Whipple (b. 15 Apr 1818 in Richmond, Cheshire, NH), who married Emeline Winslow on 25 Mar 1841. Cyrus had another child named Dexter Whipple.
  69. Daniel Whipple (b. 16 Sep 1737, d. 23 Jan 1775) was the first husband of Mary Pollard. They had at least seven children. the L.D.S. Ancestral file refers to Daniel as "Daniel Second Whipple," implying that his father was also named Daniel
  70. Daniel Whipple was probably born between 1740 and 1745, probably in Connecticut or Rhode Island; he later lived in Horton Township, Nova Scotia, Canada. He had a son named Daniel Whipple, born about 1775, also a resident of Horton Township. The son Daniel married Christina Murray in Horton Township.
  71. Daniel Whipple married Amelia and had at least two sons: 1) Caleb Whipple (b. Feb 1813 in Montville, CT (Salem), d. 2 Mar 1892 in Montville, CT), who married Matilda Rudd in 1837; 2) Jason Whipple (b. 1818 in Chesterfield, New London, CT, d. there 31 Mar 1882), who married (1) Theoda, (2) Lydia Ann Clark.
  72. Daniel Whipple is the 5th great grandfather of Richard Jay Whipple. Might Daniel be the same person as the Daniel Whipple born 15 Aug 1759 in Gloucester, RI, the son of a John Whipple?
  73. Daniel Whipple (b. abt 1819 in Tompkins Co., NY) and his wife Fanny (b. abt 1819 in Tompkins Co., NY) lived with six children in Lodi, Seneca Co., NY each time censuses were taken in that place between 1850 and Jun 1900.
  74. Daniel Whipple (b. between 1820 and 1825, possibly in Ross County, Ohio; d. between 1885 and 1900, possibly in Pleasant, Franklin Co., Ohio) married Mahala Walker on 14 Feb 1852 in Pleasant. They had at least four children.
  75. Daniel L. Whipple (b. 1823 in England, d. 30 May 1898 in Grayling, Crawford Co., MI, bur. Bentwood (Elmwood) Cemetery in Grayling) was a husband of Sarah A. Griffin (b. 17 Sep 1837 in OH, d. 1 Jul 1914 in Hillsdale, MI, bur. in Elmwood Cemetery in Grayling), whom he married in 1870. Together they had at least three children.
  76. Daniel Whipple (b. 1826 in NY, living in Constantia, Oswego Co., NY on 7 May 1898) was previously thought to be the son of Daniel Inman Whipple. However, in an email dated 29 Apr 2017, Beverly writes:
    I don't believe the Daniel married to Diane was the son of Daniel Inman Whipple. In the 1850 census Spafford Onondaga NY, Daniel and wife Anna show a son Daniel. One of your contributors has him with wife Diane in the 1850 census in New Hampshire. I did verify a Daniel Whipple married Diane Markres in 1847, she the daughter of Samuel A. Marchres/Mackres b 1807 d 1887 and Sophia Flagg b 1816 d 1879, both buried in Corry Erie PA. While Daniel could be in two places at once if the censuses were taken some time apart, Daniel Inman's son is 18 and unmarried and the other in NH is age 25 with wife Diane. It is all very confusing as at one time there were three Daniels in Constantia NY area all about the same age. Grrr!! Will send more info as soon as I have as this better put together.
  77. David Whipple was the father of Phebe R. Whipple (b. 28 Jan 1791, d. 22 Aug 1821, bur. Mt. Albion Cemetery, Albion, Orleans Co., NY). Phebe married Robert Anderson
  78. David Whipple of Gloucester, Essex Co., MA, married Lois Putnam on 16 Apr 1786 in Danvers (in the same Co.).
  79. David Whipple (b. abt 1808 or 1810 in NY) and his wife Maria (b. abt 1831) were parents of 5 known children born during the period 1858-1870.
  80. Mrs. Deborah Whipple married Joseph Fuller in Lynn Essex Co., MA on 25 Sep 1802.
  81. Deborah Whipple married Thomas Bartlet in Lynn, Essex Co., MA on 29 Nov 1818.
  82. Diantha Whipple (born in Maine) married Cornelius DeHart. They were parents of Allen Albert DeHart (b. abt. 1839 in NY, d. 25 Jan 1922 in Chippewa, Isabella Co., MI.
  83. Dinah Whipple (b. abt 1758) married Elisha Olney in Providence, RI in 1777.
  84. Dorathe (Wale) Wipple married ______ Wipple in 1644 in Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England.
  85. Earl Whipple (b. 18 Dec 1904, d. Feb 1974 in Rochester, NY) and his wife, Alice, were parents of Winifred W. (Whipple) Sliker.
  86. Edward Whipple and his wife Abigail Reed were parents of Simeon Rice Whipple (b. abt 25 Apr 1825 in Concord, Essex Co., VT; d. 30 Mar 1900 in Chelsea, Suffolk, MA; bur. in Malden, Middlesex, MA).
  87. Edward Whipple and his wife Jane Edmonds had at least two sons born in Devonshire, England.
  88. Edwin Whipple (b. abt 1824 in Plymouth, Devon, England) was married to Annie.
  89. Edwin Whipple (b. abt 1824 in RI; d. abt 1863 in Olean, NY) married Ann Eliza Knowlton in abt 1854, probably in Allegany Co., NY.
  90. Edwin Wippell (b. abt 1850 in Hackney, Middlesex, England) and his wife Eleanor (b. abt 1859 in Camberwell, Surrey, England) had at least two daughters.
  91. Edwin Marshal Whipple of Battle Mountain, Lander Co., Nevada is the grandfather of the late actor Sam Whipple (1960-2002). Might Edwin Marshal Whipple be the same person as Edwin Marsh Whipple (b. 1885 in California, d. 7 Dec 1964)?
  92. Eleanor Whipple of Uxbridge, Worcester, MA married Noah Arnold (1720-1800) 18 Dec 1743 in Glocester, Providence, RI. They were parents of at least four children.
  93. Eleazer Whipple (b. NY) and his wife Hannah were parents of Clark Whipple (b. 9 Feb 1814 in NY; d. 1 Nov 1872 in Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts.
  94. Eleazer Whipple was the father of Alfred L Whipple (b. 18 Jan 1819 in Richland, Oswego Co., NY; d. 28 Apr 1858 in Fillmore, Allegany Co., NY). Eleazer's mother's name was Sarah.
  95. Elias Whipple (b. abt 1801 in NY) married Sally Babbitt 14 December 1826 in Dearborn Co., IN.
  96. Elijah S. Whipple of Barton Township, Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada in the 1871 and 1881 Census of Canada and his wife Harriett Price (or Price Hannah?) were parents of four known children. Might this be the same person as Elijah B. Whipple who "removed to Canada, VT and then to Ohio" [from or through New York?].
  97. Elisha Whipple was born 1804 and settled in Livingston Co., NY in 1825, where he served as JP and supervisor living on East Street in Nunda. He had 9 children by his first wife, Maria Post. Following her death he married Sarah Ann, and they had one child. Elisha died 29 May 1863. Elisha is the uncle of Horace Mills Whipple (b. abt 1830 in Livingston Co., NY, d. 9 Mar 1892 in Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY.
  98. Elisha Whipple and Sarah Abbe were married 23 Feb 1800 in Upton, Windham Co., CT. They were the parents of Henry Whipple (b. 30 May 1800 in Upton).
  99. Elisha Whipple, b. 28 Feb 1797 in Norwich, CT, married Amanda Willey. Could he be the son of Asa Whipple?
  100. Eliza (Whipple) Gardner (b. about 1815 in Dutchess Co., NY, d. 25 Mar 1877 in Longton, Elk Co., KS) married Raymond Gardner 10 May 1832 in Rensselaer Co., NY. Eliza was likely a close relative of Lyman Whipple
  101. Eliza Whipple married Elisha Hartshorn 22 Oct 1838 in Russell Township, Geauga Co., OH. They had at least three children.
  102. Elizabeth Whipple was born abt 1823 in Bridgwater, Somerset, England.
  103. Elizabeth Whipple is listed in the records of Nantucket, MA as having married three times: (1) a Mr. Clift, (2) Fosdick Rathbone (d. 10 Sep 1838 in OH), and (3) Jonathan C. Rathbone (b. 7 Sep 1764 in Nantucket, MA).
  104. Elizabeth Whipple (of Ipswich, MA, living in Littleton, Middlesex Co., MA in 1748) married Joseph Gilbert (b. 1 Feb 1691 in Chebacco, Ipswich, Essex Co., MA, also living in Littleton in 1748) in 1739 in Ipswich. They had seven known children.
  105. Ellen Whipple (b. 1869 in Ireland, d. 1928, bur. in St. Francis (Catholic) Cemetery, Pawtucket, Providence, RI) married Frank McNanley (1871-1946).
  106. Emma Wippell was born abt 1831 in Bramford Spike, Devon, England.
  107. Emma Whipple of Norwich, New London, CT, married Thomas Kelley, who was born in Nantucket, MA.
  108. Ernest E. Whipple (1915-1993) is buried in Ayers Cliff Cemetery, Ayers Cliff, Stanstead Co., Quebec, Canada, with his wife Irene M. Walker (1915-1998).
  109. Ethan A. Whipple (b. abt 1813 in ME, d. aft 18 Sep 1850) and his wife Sarah J. (b. abt 1811 in ME, d. aft 18 Sep 1850) both lived in Stetson, Penobscot Co., ME. They had 5 known children.
  110. Ezra Whipple, of Preston, New London, CT, married Ruba Herrick in 1813 and had six children.
  111. Fanny A. Whipple (b. 6 Sep 1829 Richmond, Chittenden, VT, d. 25 Feb 1875) married Jonah Horry "John" Dent (b. 11 Jun 1814, d. 17 May 1892) on 26 Jul 1854 in Clayton, Barbour, AL. They were parents of six known children.
  112. Fanny () Wipple was born abt 1841 in Box, Middlesex, England. She was widowed before the 1881 census.
  113. Fanny Whipple married (probably in Herkimer Co., NY) David Champion, who was born 21 Dec 1793. David later married Sally Duncan.
  114. Florence Whipple married Alven Holden on 7 Nov 1870 in Jackson Co., MI.
  115. Francis Whipple (b. 1834 in VT, d. 1902) and Eliza (b. abt 1837 in Canada) were parents of Wesley Whipple (b. abt 1869 in NY), another child who lived less than 6 months, and May Whipple (b. 15 Nov 1873 in NY, d. 6 Jul 1899, bur. Old Burt Cemetery, Essex, Essex Co., NY). May married Judson A. Royce (14 Jan 1863-15 Jan 1953).
  116. Frank Wippel (b. Germany) married Mary Schwartzwalder. Peter, his oldest known son, was born 24 Jul 1872 in Meigs Co., OH and died 5 Feb 1934 in Huntington, Cabell, WV.
  117. Frank H. Whipple (b. Apr 1851 in NY) was listed in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses of Pittsfield, Otsego Co., NY with his wife Rozella Brown (b. Oct 1872 in NY). They had nine children.
  118. Frank Lee Whipple (b. MA) and his wife Medretta Morman (b. IL) were parents of Arthur Lee Whipple (b. 10 Jan 1886 in Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., IL; d. 18 Oct 1958 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC; married Dorothy Kuykendall.
  119. Frank Whipple (b. abt 1908 in southern Ireland, d. 24 Aug 2011 in London, England. He and his wife Lily had children Peggy and Harry.
  120. Frank T. Whipple was born abt 1862 in London, England.
  121. Frederick Wiple and his wife Susanna were parents of Frederick Charles William Wiple (b. 27 Dec 1800, chr. 24 Jan 1801 in St. James, Westminster, London, England), Ann Catherine Wiple (b. Jun 1802, chr. 22 Jul 1802 in St. James, Westminster, London, England) and Frances Sarah Wiple (b. 15 Sep 1804, chr. 15 Oct 1806 in St. James, Westminster, London, England).
  122. George Whipple (b. 1792 or 1786 in Norwich, CT) married Emelia or Emily "Emma" Colier. He later moved to Boonton, N.J., to work in the iron mill owned and founded by the Lathop family from Norwich.
  123. George Whipple (b. about 1821 in Chateaugay, Franklin Co., NY; still living there for the 1850 U.S. Census). George's brother-in-law Orrin Benjamin Bromley married Marie Whipple.
  124. George Whipple (1826-1894) is buried with his wife Cynthia M. in Forestville Cemetery, Forestville, Chautauqua Co., NY.
  125. George Whipple (b. 1809 in Plymouth, Devon, England, d. 1875 in Richmond, Surrey, England) and his wife Jane Prudence Mathews (b. 1811 in Romsey, Hampshire, England, d. 1893 in Richmond, Surrey, England) were married 1840 in Kingston, Middlesex, England. Then had at least two sons and three daughters.
  126. George Whipple and his wife Caroline Stassen apparently immigrated to Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, from present-day Germany when their 3-year-old son Charles Frederick Whipple came in 1844. (See the 1900 census of Charles' household.) We have not been able to find Charles in a census before 1900. The Louisiana censuses of the late 1800's list individuals with surnames Wiebell, Webell, Wibel, and Woebel. One of those might be George's original surname.
  127. George A. Whipple and his wife Julia were parents of William H. Whipple (b. about 1835 in Pawtucket, RI), who married Celia F. Stone.
  128. George A. Whipple married Elvira C. Carr on 8 Nov 1837 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA.
  129. George S. Whipple was born in New York in about 1820; he was living in Springfield Township, Bradford Co., PA, in the 1860 Census, with his wife Huldah and three children George, Frank, and May.
  130. George W. Whipple (b. 1813-1815, d. 31 May 1880 in Providence, Providence, RI) married Mary E. Harris and had 9 known children.
  131. George W. Whipple (b. about 1839 in NY, living in Exeter, Fillmore Co., NE in 1880) and his wife Sarah E. (b about 1841 in WI, living in Exeter, Fillmore Co., NE in 1880) were parents of five known children.
  132. George W. Whipple of Concord, Merrimack, NH married Mary Spear 23 Nov 1853 in Portland, Cumberland, ME.
  133. Grace Whipple (b. abt 1790, d. before 1836) married Otis Chafee, Jr. (b. 9 May 1784, d. 25 Sep 1868 in Hastings, Barry Co., MI). They had at least four children.
  134. H. G. Whipple (b. abt 1808 in CT, d. aft the 3 Jun 1880 census [when he lived in Galva, Henry Co., IL]) and his wife Frances (b. abt 1814 in VT, also died after the 3 Jun 1880 census of Galva) had at least five children.
  135. Hannah Whipple and Abraham Misiner, of Havana (NY?) were married 6 Oct 1850 in Newfield, Tompkins Co., NY.
  136. Henry Whipple (b. abt 1510 in Dickleborough, Norfolk, England, d. 31 Mar 1585) married (1) Margaret (b. abt 1512, of Dickleborough, d. 4 Jan 1541/42). They had at least two children. Henry subsequently married (2) Elizabeth.
  137. Henry Whipple (b. 13 May 1788 in RI; d. 19 Mar 1848 in Cumberland Co., IL) married Eunice Druscilla "Emma" Van Dusen in 1815 or 1816 in NY. He originally appeared as the son of Ezra Whipple—an Ipswich/Bocking Whipple—and his second wife Abigail Harwood. However, one of Henry's patrilineal descendants reported that his Y chromosome DNA test placed him in the R1b haplogroup—the haplogroup of Captain John Whipple of Providence, RI. It is now suggested that Henry is the son of Luther Whipple and Eunice Gates. (That might make him the same person as this Henry Whipple?
  138. Henry Whipple and Joan Hayman were married 15 Jul 1700 in Allington, Dorset, England.
  139. Henry Whipple (b. abt 1798, of Malone, Franklin Co., NY) was the second husband of Sarah (b. abt 1818, of Constable, Franklin Co., NY) on 2 Mar 1857 in Malone.
  140. Henry Whipple (b. abt 1810 in PA, living in Hickory, Mercer Co., PA in the 23 Jun 1870 U.S. Census) apparently married three times, fathering 11 children, including Virginia, who married Joseph Bentley. The Whipple Genweb includes three generations Virginia's descendants.
  141. Henry Wippell (b. abt 1829 in Bridgwater, Somerset, England) and his wife Henrietta had at least five children.
  142. Henry Wippell (b. abt 1838 in Pinoe, Devon, England) and his wife Ann (b. abt 1854 in Poltimore, Devon, England) had at least four children.
  143. Henry C. Whipple (b. Providence, Providence, RI) married Sarah A. Whitney before 1839 and had five known children born 1839-1847
  144. Henry H. Whipple (b. abt 1822 in Plymouth, Devon, England) and his wife Cordelia L. (b. abt 1851 in Plymouth, Devon, England) had at least three daughters.
  145. Henry Hugh Wippell (b. abt 1842 in Exeter All Hallows (Devon, England?)) and his wife Jane had at least four children.
  146. Henry Stuart Whipple (b. Jun 1841 in PA, d. between 1900 and 1910, possibly in Binghamton, Broome, NY) married Angeline Wood Buck abt 1865. Then had five known children: Benjamin Franklin Whipple, George Patton Whipple, Henry E. Whipple, Mary A. Whipple and Helen Winifred Whipple.
  147. Hiram Whipple (b. about 1806 in NY) and his wife Polly Petteys (b. about 1805 in NY) were parents of at least 7 children, b. 1831-1844 in NY. The family moved to MI, where they appeared in the 1850 census of Marathon, Lapeer County. In the 1870 Marathon census, Hiram was living very close to the households of Frank Whipple (listed two households earlier), James W. Whipple (listed two households later) and Allison Whipple (three households later). (Frank, James and Allison were all born in NY.). Hiram and Polly were still living in Marathon in 1880.
  148. Hulda Whipple (married name)--the mother of at least six Whipple children by her first marriage--was living with her second husband, Ferris Close, in Locke, Cayuga Co., NY in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses.
  149. Isaac Whipple and Emeline Smith (Hewitt) Keeney--both of New London, CT--were married 9 Mar 1851 in New London. Isaac was a widower who had previously been married to Nancy Chapel.
  150. Isaac Whipple and his wife Charlotte were parents of Mary Ann Whipple, who was born 14 Apr 1803 in Montville, New London, CT.
  151. Isaac P. Whipple (b. abt 1787, of Masonville, Delaware Co., NY, d. 27 May 1842, bur. Florida Village Cemetery, Florida, Henry Co., OH) and his wife Abigail "Abby" Scofield (b. 19 Aug 1783) were parents of at least three children.
  152. Israel (Izreal) Whipple and his wife Eunice are parents of Isreal (Izreal), Jr. (b. 31 Mar 1754 in Cumberland, RI), and Calvin (b. 27 Jun 1760 in Cumberland, RI; d. about 1804 in Palmyra, NY)
  153. J. Whipple was born abt 1798 in Plymouth, Devon, England.
  154. Jackson Whipple (b. abt 1822 in GA, still living 2 Jul 1870 in Irwinton, GA) and his wife Hatie were parents of five known children.
  155. Jacob Whipple (b. between 1794 and 1795 in NH, d. after 12 Aug 1850) was listed with his wife E.P. in the 1850 census of Franklin, Merrimack Co., NH.
  156. Jacques Whipple was the father of Francis I. aka Isaac A. Whipple, who was born abt 1855 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and was living in Gilford, Belknap, NH for the Jun 1880 U.S. Census.
  157. James Whipple was the father of Charles Whipple, who was born 4 Feb 1659 in Burlescombe, Devon, England.
  158. James Whipple (b. abt 1806 in RI; d. bet 9 Aug 1870 and 2 Jun 1880, prob in Cohoes, Albany Co., NY) and his wife Eunice were parents of 8 known children.
  159. James Whipple (b. abt 1832 in PA) and Mary J. Warner (b. abt 1836) had at least four sons: William W., Benjamin F., Charles and Edward.
  160. James Wippell was born abt 1833 in Alphington, Devon, England.
  161. James William Whipple (b. 27 May 1827 in Newport Twp, Luzerne, PA, d. 27 Feb 1891 in St. Joseph, Buchanan, MO) married Caroline Santee on 2 Dec 1852 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, PA. They had at least nine children.
  162. Jane Whipple of Conway, Franklin Co., MA, announced her intention to marry Oliver Clary in Conway on 10 Sep 1809.
  163. Jerusha Whipple and Timothy Titus (b. 16 Nov 1692) were married 24 Dec 1747 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. They were parents of Timothy Titus (b. 17 Aug 1751).
  164. Joan Wibble or Wiffle and John Hill were married 11 Aug 1720 in Allington, Dorset, England.
  165. Job Whipple (b. abt 1814 in NY, d. 7 Mar 1849 on a steamboat between Natchez, MS and Memphis, TN) married Mary Jordan 26 Oct 1833 in Louisville, KY.
  166. Joel L. Whipple and Julia Bartlett were married in Washtenaw County, Michigan on 28 Sep 1835. "One internet sources ... says this is [the same person as] Joel Laten Whipple."
  167. John Whipple (b. abt 1538 in Pulham, St. Magdalen, Norfolk, England and his wife Agnes (b. abt 1542, of Pulham), had at least four children.
  168. John Whipple "Captain" (b. abt 1617 in England, d. 16 May 1685 in Providence, RI) settled in Dorchester, MA in 1632, then moved with his family to Providence, RI in 1658. He is the earliest known Whipple to have settled in America. Most present-day Whipples in America are probably descendants of Captain John. Might John be the John Whaples, baptized 13 Dec 1618 in Great Waltham, Essex, England?
  169. John Whipple was the father of Richard Whipple (christened 15 May 1654 in Burlescombe, Devon, England), John Whipple (b. 21 Nov 1655 in Burlescombe, Devon, England) and Arthur Whipple (b. 6 Jan 1657 in Burlescombe, Devon, England).
  170. John or Johannis Wipple was the father of four children born in Burlescombe, Devon, England: Elizabetha Wipple (chr. 30 Dec 1690), Johannes Wipple (chr 16 May 1694), Richard Wipple (b. 24 Feb 1699), Richardus Wipple (chr 26 Feb 1700).
  171. John Whipple married Jane Morrell on 21 Apr 1762 in NY.
  172. John Whipple (b. in Stamford, Bennington, VT--possibly in the 1760s--and his wife Rachel were parents of at least 7 children.
  173. John Whipple married Desire Miller 31 Dec 1789 in New London, CT. They had at least five children.
  174. John Wippell and his wife Mary were parents of Mary Wippell (b. abt Aug 1794, chr. Aug 1794 in Saint Botolph without Algate, London, England), George Wippell (b. abt Apr 1796 in Aldgate, Middlesex, England, chr. Apr 1796 in Saint Botolph without Algate, London, England, d. 1882 in Exeter, Devon, England) and Charles Wippell.
  175. John Whipple and his wife Elizabeth were parents of Otis Whipple (b. about 1812, of Dover, Strafford Co., NH). Otis married (2) Dorcas Delia Elwell on 3 Apr 1864 in Boston, MA.
  176. John Whipple and his wife Lucy or Angeline (b. 1796-1797, d. 1891-1900) were parents of Emory A. "EA" Whipple (b. Sep. 1820 in MA, d. aft 1891, of Springfield, MA) and at least three other children.
  177. John Whipple of VA married Lucinda R. (b. abt 1801, d. after 6 Jul 1860). They had at least three children.
  178. John Whipple (b. abt 1800 in Plymouth, Devon, England) was the father of Catherine Whipple (b. abt 1836 in Aldersgate, Middlesex, England.
  179. John Whipple (b. abt 1801 in Stoke, Devon, England) and his wife Sophia E.O.B (b. abt 1810 in Fitchford, Hampshire, England) had five known children.
  180. John Whipple married Mary Gardner (b. abt 20 Jun 1823, d. 13 Dec 1844 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA, bur. Village Cemetery, Waterboro, York ME).
  181. John Whipple (b. England or NY) and his wife Lucinda Ward were parents of Nathan E. Whipple (b. 5 Jan 1851 in Chestertown, Warren Co., NY, d. 27 Mar 1923, bur. Greenridge Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co., NY.)
  182. John Whipple was born 11 Apr 1837 in Pennsylvania and died 13 Aug 1913 in Erie, Erie Co., PA. He married Margaret Pherrin about 1883 and had 5 known children.
  183. John Whipple was born about 1837 in Pennsylvania. He was living in Oregon Township, Washington County, IA for the 16 Aug 1870 U.S. Census. He married Nancy Jane, who was born about 1841 in Pennsylvania. Together they had 7 known children; the first 6 were born in Pennsylvania, the 7th in Iowa.
  184. John Wippell was born abt 1843 in Wapping, Middlesex, England.
  185. John B. Whipple (b. between 1829 and 1838 in NY, still living for the 8 Jun 1880 Federal Census of Troy, Rensselaer, NY) married Ardell and had at least three sons: Byron Whipple, Robert Fultz Whipple, and Henry Whipple. Could John be a brother of Orson Whipple--also a painter who lived in Troy in 1880?
  186. John C. Whipple (b. Sep 1823 in MA or VT or NY, d. 5 Feb 1869 in Faribault, Minnesota) married Fanny Bradsey or Bradley on 8 Feb 1853 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua Co., NY.
  187. John G. Whipple (b. 28 Aug 1800, d. 28 Jul 1877) is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY, with his wife Sophia Staples (b. about 27 Apr 1797, d. 19 Jan 1853).
  188. John George Whipple and his wife Frances Alice Whipple were parents of Janet Leigh Whipple, who was christened 17 Apr 1872 at St. Peter, Rock Ferry, Cheshire, England.
  189. John N. Whipple (b. Apr 1841 in CT, d. 1932) married Eva Dalton (b. Jan 1867 in MO, d. 1939 in Kingfisher, OK) of the notorious Dalton Gang of Kansas and surrounding states.
  190. John R. Whipple (d. before Jun 1860 in RI) and his wife Sarah (b. abt 30 Apr 1730 in RI, d. 14 Nov 1883 in Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT, bur. Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington) had at least one daughter named Ellen M. Whipple, who married James Lewis Sweetland 13 Jul 1851 in Providence, Providence Co., RI.
  191. John S. Whipple (b. abt Sep 1773, d. 2 Mar 1827) is buried in Hall Cemetery, Lee, Oneida Co., NY.
  192. John W. Whipple and his wife Mary Drake are parents of Florence Sally Whipple, b. abt 1879. (Florence married James Frank Powers 11 Aug 1903 in Central Falls, Providence, RI.)
  193. John Warren Whipple was born 22 Aug. 1811, in Oswego Co., NY.
  194. John William Whipple, ancestor of the Whipples of Chile.
  195. Johnathan Whipple and his wife Hanna were parents of John Nelson Whipple, b. 23 July 1830 in Coos Co., NH. John Nelson Whipple migrated to Pierce Co., Wisconsin, where he died 11 August 1910. (Some Civil War pension records indicate he was from VT.)
  196. Jonathan Whipple and his wife Anne were parents of Joseph Marks Whipple (b. 24 Aug 1752 in Greenwich, Hampshire Co., MA, d. 10 Jun 1843 in Johnston, Trumbull Co., OH). Records indicate that Joseph was adopted by John Marks and his wife Mary when Joseph was two years old.
  197. Joseph Whipple (d. before 8 Dec 1828, of North Providence, Providence, RI) was the father of Abigail Whipple (b. 1753, d. 3 Dec 1828 in Smithfield, Providence, RI).
  198. Joseph Whipple and Sarah were parents of Ebenezer Whipple (b. 6 Dec 1766 in Newton, MA, d. 19 Mar 1853 in Newton, MA), Joseph Whipple (b. 10 Jan 1769 in Newton, MA) and Hannah Whipple (b. 2 May 1772 in Newton, MA).
  199. Joseph Whipple and his wife Elizabeth Heyman were born in Germany in 1839 and 1853 respectively. According to the 1900 census of Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio, they both immigrated to the U.S. in 1860. (Joseph would have been about 21, and his wife 7 years of age when they immigrated--before then were married.) The census also gives their marriage in about 1879, and lists five children. (The census indicates that Elizabeth is the mother of six children, all six of them still living.)
  200. Joseph Oliver Whipple (b. abt 1830 in NY, d. 14 Oct 1884 in Buffalo, NY--he died in the Erie Canal) and Priscilla "Mary" Marsh were parents of Eva, Clarence Eugene, and Ida L. Whipple.
  201. Joseph Whipple, probably of Providence, RI, died before 1802, leaving his son Hezekiah Cooke Whipple an orphan at about 14 years of age. Jeremiah Jenckes was appointed to be Hezekiah's guardian. Hezekiah lived in Providence, RI; he died 23 Jul 1835 in CT. He married Sarah Luella Crapon.
  202. Joseph Whipple and his wife Elsie Wilcox lived in Oneida Co., NY. They had at least one daughter, Catherine O. Whipple (b. 21 Mar 1824 in NY, d. 8 Nov 1853 probably in Kirkland, Oneida, NY, bur., Sunset Hill Cemetery in Kirkland), who married Francis M. Lapham.
  203. Joseph Whipple (b. between 1803 and 1806 in CT, d. between 1870 and 1880, probably in Ashford, Windham, CT) and his wife Eunice had at least three children.
  204. Joseph Whipple (b. abt 1805, d. 7 Dec 1855, lived in Warwick, RI, bur. in Warwick) married (1) Sally (b. abt 1810, d. 24 Mar 1836), (2) Mary E. Baker (b. abt 1813, d. 22 Aug 1848) on 14 Sep 1846 in Coventry, Kent Co., RI.
  205. Joseph Whipple (b. Apr 1806 in New Jersey, NY, MA, or CT) married Harriet Cornelia Lamb Jennings. He died in 1891 in Watson, Chippewa Co., Minnesota.
  206. Joseph Wippell (b. abt 1811 in Exeter St. Mary Archer [Devon, England]) and his wife Elizabeth (b. abt 1815 in Exeter St. Mary Archer) were parents of Eliza Wippell (b. abt 1852 in Exeter All Hallows E).
  207. Joseph Whipple, b. abt 1820/21, lived in Pennsylvania and married Sarah Santee. His brother was James William Whipple.
  208. Joseph Whipple (b. abt 1910 in London, England) ancestor of present-day Whipples that never left the U.K.
  209. Joseph Whipple (b. abt 1848 in Indiana, possibly died 12 Sep 1927 in Ottumwa, Wapello, IA) married Lurana Woods (abt 1850-2 May 1925). They had two known children, William Edward Whipple and Charles Arthur Whipple. Previously thought to be Joseph Jeremiah Whipple.
  210. Joseph C. Whipple (b. abt 1786 in Douglas, Worcester, MA, counted in the 17 Aug 1850 census of Douglas, Worcester, MA, d. 7 Jan 1860 in Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts) married Chloe White (b. abt 1 Jan 1787, d. 1 Jul 1875) on 17 Aug 1820 in Douglas. They had three known children: Albert, Willard and Charles.
  211. Joseph Harvey Whipple was born in 1798. His son, Jobe Henry Whipple, lived from 1849 to 1928.
  212. Katharine or Catherine Whipple of Conway, Franklin Co., MA, married (2) Daniel Mantor in Conway on 5 Oct 1791. Her first husband was surnamed Gilmore.
  213. Leonard Whipple (b. 1820-1825, d. 26 Oct 1846) and his wife Anna Butler (b. abt 7 Oct 1823, d. 7 May 1846) are buried in the Quaker Settlement Cemetery, Orangeville, Wyoming Co., NY.
  214. Lewis Whipple (b. abt 1820 in GA, still living 1 Jun 1880 in Wilkinson Co., GA) and his wife Adaline (b. abt 1835 in GA, still living 1 Jun 1880 in Wilkinson Co., GA) were parents of 9 known children.
  215. Lida Whipple was born between 1868 and 1869 in NH, according to the 1880 census of Hopkinton, Merrimack Co., NH.
  216. Lincoln N. Whipple (b. May 1861 in NY, d. aft 13 Jan 1920) married Jennie (b. Oct 1865, d. aft 13 Jan 1920) in abt 1923 in NY.
  217. Loren D. Whipple (b. between 1818 and 1922 in NY) and his wife Minerva Slater (b. abt 1821, d. 29 Nov 1901) were parents of at least one child, Francis E. "Frank" Whipple (1843-1880).
  218. Lovina Whipple (1772-1855) is buried with her husband Nathaniel Cummings in Portland Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Chautauqua Co., NY.
  219. Lucy Whipple announced her intentions to marry Paul Knowlton or Knolton on 1 Apr 1800 in New Braintree, Worcester Co., MA.
  220. Luther Whipple and Lois Carr were parents of William M. Whipple (b. 3 May 1805 in NY, d. 25 Apr 1884 in Newaygo Co., MI), who married Sarah Thompson.
  221. Lydia "Lida" Whipple (d. 14 July 1764) married Edward Inman in 1745.
  222. Lydia Whipple (b. between 1768 and 1772) married James Wilkins (b. abt 1772 probably in Danvers, Essex, MA, d. 13 Jan 1801) in Hamilton, Essex Co., MA on 18 Feb 1794. Then had at least three children.
  223. Lydia Whipple (b. abt 30 Sep 1784, d. 20 Oct 1813, of Albany Co., NY, bur. at First Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Albany Co.) married Ebenezer Thorn.
  224. Lydia Ann Whipple (b. 6 Jan 1826 in Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY, d. 1927 in Norwich, Chenango Co., NY) was the daughter of William Whipple, who died when she was six years old. She was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. William Throop of Hamilton, NY, and known thereafter as Lydia Ann Throop. Lydia later married Daniel DeWitt Clinton Throope and had three known children
  225. Marion Whipple of Prescott, Lancashire, England married Richard Rathbone in 1595. Although she and Richard are listed in the Whipple Genweb as the parents of William and John Rathbone, and ancestors of the Rathbones that settled in Block Island, RI, this information is likely in error. (Her descendants are being considered for possible deletion from the Whipple Genweb in some future release). Marion is not the unnamed (in some sources) sister of Matthew Whipple of Bocking, England--now identified as Margaret Whipple, who also married a Richard Rathbone.
  226. Martha Whipple married Isaac Thomas in Dana, Worcester Co., MA on 13 Dec 1806.
  227. Marie Whipple married Orrin Benjamin Bromley, whose sister Ann Eliza Bromley married George Whipple.
  228. Marshall W. Whipple was born about 1838 in New Hampshire. He is listed in the 1870 Census of Mt. Pleasant, Whiteside Co., IL, with his wife Nellie (b. about 1840 in OH) and 3-month-old daughter Lillie (b. abt. March 1870 in IL).
  229. Mary Whipple (probably of Norfolk Co., England) and George Gawdy (of Worsted, Norfolk, England, d. before 6 Oct 1643) had at least six children.
  230. Mary Whipple (b. abt 1732, of Barnstable, Barnstable, MA) married Jonathan Fuller (b. 9 Apr 1729, d. abt 1769) on 5 Oct 1750. They had at least seven children.
  231. Mary Whipple of New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA, married Benjamin Westgate on 18 Mar 1801 in New Bedford.
  232. Mary A. () Wippell (b. abt 1854 in Exeter, Devon, England) was the mother of Ethel M. Wippell (b. abt 1880 in Exeter, Devon, England).
  233. Mary E. Whipple was born abt 1861 in Therifhales Shifnall, Shropshire, England.
  234. Mary Ella Whipple married Henry Pennock on 6 Aug 1876 in Wright Co., MN.
  235. Mary J. ( ) Whipple (b. abt 1814 in NY, d. between Jun 1880 and Jun 1900, probably in MI) was mother of Arca Orsemus Whipple, Isaac N. Whipple, John W. Whipple and George P. Whipple.
  236. Mary S. () Whipple (b. abt 1807 in Exeter, Devon, England, d. aft 1881) was mother of Caroline Wippell (b. abt 1832 in London, England) and Matilda Wippell or Wippel (b. abt 1840 in London, England).
  237. Melvin J. Whipple (b. abt 1841 in NY) married Martha (b. abt 1852 in Norway). The 1880 census of Big Stone City, Grant Co., Dakota Territory (present-day South Dakota), lists them as parents of six children.
  238. Millie E. Whipple (b. abt 1860 in MI) married William H. Erwin (b. abt 1853) on 1 Jan 1879 in Van Buren Co., MI.
  239. Moses P. Whipple (b. abt 1783 in RI, d. 11 Nov 1832 in Lincoln, Providence Co., RI) and Sidney B. Fuller (b. abt 1788, d. 29 May 1866 in Lincoln, Providence Co., RI) were parents of at least six children.
  240. Another Moses P. Whipple (b. Rhode Island) and his wife Elizabeth were parents of Sarah Jane Whipple (b. abt 1858 in Rhode Island, d. 3 Jun 1941 in Providence, RI) who married Alonzo Pemberton Fisher and had eight known children. Might this Moses P. Whipple be the son of the above Moses P. Whipple (b. abt 1783)?
  241. Nancy "Anna" Whipple (b. between 1771 and 1777, possibly in Vermont or Canada) married Ebenezer Hoyt and had seven known children.
  242. Nathan Whipple (b. 7 Jul 1761, probably in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY; d. 7 Jan 1832 in Pownal, Bennington Co., VT) married Mary Hill (b. Mar 1765, possibly in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co., NY; d. aft 20 Sep 1850, when she resided in Charlton, Saratoga Co., NY) in Sep 1787 in Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY. They may have had 8 or more children.
  243. Nellie Whipple married Stephen Converse Jr. (b. 7 Apr 1775 in Stafford, Tolland, CT).
  244. Nelson Whipple (b. NY) and E. Dunham were parents of Thomas L. Whipple (b. Jul 1857 in NY).
  245. Norman K. Whipple (b. 1816 in Wayne Co., NY, d. 1901 in Dansville, Livingston Co., NY, bur. in Green Mount Cemetery in Dansville) and his wife Matilda Thompson were parents of Sarah M. Whipple and John L. Whipple).
  246. Oliver Whipple (b. abt 1771, d. 23 Dec 1850, bur. Whipple Cemetery, Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY) married Priscilla (b. abt 1774, d. 25 Sep 1848).
  247. Orlando Whipple married(1) Louisa Gifford and had a child named Elias G. Whipple. After Louisa died, Orlando married(2) Nancy E. (b. 1829, still living for the 1900 U.S. Census in Richland Grove, Mercer County, IL). Orlando and Nancy were married 5 May 1861 in Mahaska County, IA.
  248. Orson Whipple (b. 1852 in NY, still living for the 7 Jun 1880 Federal Census of Troy, Rensselaer, NY) married Julia and had four known children: Serena Whipple, Charlot Whipple, Elizabeth Whipple, and Fredrick Whipple. Could John be a brother of John B. Whipple--also a painter who lived in Troy in 1880?
  249. Oscar Whipple died in Jun 1831 and is buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY. His parents are Almand and Harriet Whipple.
  250. Otis Whipple (b. abt 1746, d. 5 Mar 1824) is buried in the Deerfield Schuyler Cemetery, Herkimer Road, Utica, Oneida Co., NY. He can't be the same person as the Otis Whipple b. 19 Aug 1744 in Cumberland, Providence Co., RI, d. 5 Mar 1821 and buried in the Wood Cemetery in Schuyler, Herkimer Co., NY.
  251. Parmelia Whipple (b. 1811 in LeRoy, Genesee, NY, d. 1849 in IL) married Orville Cone and had at least four children.
  252. Patience Whipple announced her intentions to marry Adam More (Moore) on 6 Dec 1777 in Danvers, Essex Co., MA.
  253. Patience Whipple of Killingly, Windham Co., CT married Theophilus Larned (also of Killingly) on 4 Jun 1780 in Killingly. They had at least four children.
  254. Philip B. Whipple (b. abt 1797 in Plymouth, Devon, England) was married to Susanna (b. abt 1793 in Holdsworthy, Devon, England).
  255. Phillip John Whipple (b. 1 Aug 1795 in Woodward, Lycoming Co., PA, d. 22 Jan 1867, bur. Emory's Cemetery, Linden, Lycoming, PA) and his wife Charlotte Cole had eight known children.
  256. Pierce Whipple (b. 1815, possibly in NY) married Louisa M. McFarland.
  257. Pray H. Whipple (b. abt 1780, prob in Rutherford Co., NC, d. aft 1830, prob in Henry Co., TN) married Susan Hopkins (b. abt 1783, d. between 1820 and 1830 in TN) abt 1800. Then were parents of about 11 children.
  258. Ralph Edward Whipple (b. 31 Aug 1901 in NY, d. 2 Jan 1979, a resident of Cumberland, RI) and his wife Lillian (b. abt 1904) were married about 1924.
  259. Raymond Whipple married and was divorced from Laura Cournoyer, who was born 18 Aug 1899 in CT, and died 15 Jun 1999 in Killingly, Windham, CT.
  260. Returah Wipple (b. abt 1860) lived in London when the 1881 census was taken.
  261. Richard Wippell (b. abt 1832 in Rewe, Devon, England) married Elizabeth T. (b. abt 1834 in Crediton, Devon, England).
  262. Richard E. Whipple and his wife Jane T. were parents of Thomas Richard Whipple (b. 30 Apr 1955 in Laconia, Belknap, NY, d. 2 Jul 2010, of Draper, Salt Lake, Utah).
  263. Robert Whipple (b. abt 1560 in Harleston with Redenhall, Norfolk, England) married Lucretia Thompson (b. abt 1564) on 6 Jun 1585 in Harleston with Redenhall, Norfolk, England. They had at least seven children.
  264. Robert Whipple (probably b. between 1740 and 1750, of Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH) married Eunice Pike on Christmas, 1772, in Wakefield, Carroll Co., NH. They were divorced in December 1782. (Scroll to the bottom of his page in the Whipple Genweb to learn more about him.
  265. Robert Whipple (b. 24 Nov 1754, of Ashford, Windham, CT) was father of Amos W. Whipple (b. abt 1790 of Whitesboro, Oneida, NY, d. abt 1844).
  266. Robert Whipple (of Spring Twp, Crawford Co., PA) and his wife Matilda Davis (b. 9 May 1848, d. 16 Aug 1875, bur. Spring Cemetery, Spring Twp., Crawford Co., PA) had a son James S. Whipple (b. 6 Jan 1874, d. 4 Jun 1878, bur. near his mother).
  267. Robert Eugene Whipple purportedly came from County Cork, Ireland to Philadelphia and then to North Carolina and Tennessee through Virginia. Family traditions indicate that he died in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.
  268. Robert J. Whipple and his wife Elizabeth were parents of Mary E. Whipple, b. 30 Sep 1887 in Bangor, ME.
  269. Rose Whipple (of Dickleburgh, Norfolk, England, d. before 5 Mar 1588/1589) and William or Thomas Preston (of Preston, Suffolk, England, d. abt 9 Mar 1587) had at least two sons.
  270. Rosella or Rosetta Whipple married Thomas Lamson (b. 18 Sep 1804, d. 1890) in 1827.
  271. Russell Horace Whipple (b. abt 1782 in MA, d. 28 Sep 1859 in Naperville, IL) and his first wife Laura Kellogg are documented to have had at least three children: Marie Wilson Whipple, Darwin Whipple
  272. , and Henry R. Whipple.
  273. Rosetta Whipple (b. abt 1820 in GA, still living 8 Sep 1870 in Irwinton, GA) had five known children.
  274. Sally Whipple married Silas Parker (b. 1795 in Richmond, Cheshire, NH). Silas was the son of Silas Parker (b. 11 Aug 1765 in Richmond, d. 16 Oct 1834 in Sugar Hill, Grafton, NH) and Lydia Whipple (b. 14 May 1770 in Richmond, d. 30 Aug 1863, probably in Sugar Hill). Lydia is a descendant of Captain John Whipple of Providence, RI.
  275. Sally Whipple, b. about 1805 in Griswold, New London, CT, d. 20 Apr 1849 in Griswold, New London, CT, married Alfred Davis on 9 May 1824 in Griswold, New London, CT.
  276. Samuel Whipple of Enfield, Hartford Co., CT, married Sarah Grover of Tolland, Tolland Co., CT on 12 Oct 1787 in Tolland. They had four children, Samuel, Eleazer, Sally, and Aurelah.
  277. Samuel Whipple (b. about 1822, still living for the 1870 U.S. Census) of Louisville, KY, and his spouses Caroline(1) and Matilda(2) were parents of at least four children.
  278. Samuel W. Whipple (b. 26 Dec 1821 in CT, d. 26 Aug 1864, possibly in Norwich, CT, bur. in Yantic Cemetery in Norwich) married (2) Ann Marie Chapman 26 Aug 1850. Samuel and Ann were the parents of Jennie May Whipple (b. 1861 in Norwich, New London Co., CT, d. 1935 in New London Co., CT). Jennie married Charles Brewster Lee (b. 21 Dec 1855 in Norwich, New London Co., CT, d. 1951 in New London Co., CT). Both are buried in Norwich's Yantic Cemetery.
  279. Sarah Whipple of Rehoboth, Bristol, MA married Isaac Bucklin. They were the parents of two known daughters.
  280. Sarah Whipple (b. abt 1754, d. 5 Dec 1831) married Jason Newell (b. abt 1747, d. 10 Feb 1810).
  281. Sarah Whipple (b. abt 1780; d. 4 Dec 1872, RI) married John C. Leveck.
  282. Sarah Wippell was born abt 1825 in Shobrooke, Devon, England.
  283. Sarah Whipple (b. 29 Sep 1833, Preston, New London, CT, d. 13 Nov 1885, of Preston, bur. New Poquetanuck Cemetery, Preston) married William Grant. (Whipple might be her married name from a previous marriage.)
  284. Sarah F. Whipple (b. 1820 in RI, d. 17 May 1888 in RI, bur. Mineral Springs Cemetery, Mineral Springs Avenue, Pawtucket, Providence, RI) and her husband Simri Smith were parents of at least seven children.
  285. Sidney F. Whipple (1854-1921) and his wife Katherine M. Galvin (1854-1920) are buried in St. Francis (Catholic) Cemetery, Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI.
  286. Silence Whipple had many descendants in Pulaski Co., Missouri. (We previously confused her with another Silence.)
  287. Solomon Whipple (b. about 1790 in RI) married Caroline Churchill on 20 Dec 1826 in Nassau, NY.
  288. Spencer Whipple (b. 15 Feb 1785, d.19 Feb 1841, bur. West Gaines Cemetery, Ridge Road, Gaines, Orleans Co., NY) is the 3rd great grandfather of Ronald Wetzel and the father of Joel Laten Whipple. Spencer married (1) Arletta, then (2) Elizabeth Sherman.
  289. Stephen Whipple of Edinburg, Saratoga Co., NY (b. 1797 in RI, d. 1854 in WI), married Sarah Ann "Sally" Allen (b. 6 Nov 1800 in Herkimer, NY to Wing and Elizabeth (Albro) Allen) in 1826. Their daughter Ann Whipple was born in 1826 in Edinburg. Stephen's other children were Unica, Caroline, Mary, William, George, Spencer and John.
  290. Stillman H. Whipple (b. abt 1829 in NY, lived in Talkington, Sangamon Co., IL on 22 Aug 1870) married (1) Ann V. Sabin on 4 Mar 1856 in Sangamon Co., IL and married (2) Elizabeth Leonard 20 Oct 1857 in the same place.
  291. Susannah Whipple (b. 1688 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA, d. 13 Jul 1764) married David Batchelder (b. 1673, d. 29 Jan 1766) on 7 May 1709 in Wenham, MA. (Might Susannah be the daughter of John Whipple and Hannah Rolfe? [Pure speculation, probably])
  292. Thankful Whipple (b. abt 1781 in CT, d. 11 Jan 1862 in Norwich, New London, CT) married Ebenezer Hempsted in abt 1804-1805. They had at least five children: Lucy, Eliza Leids, Maria, Esther and William.
  293. Thomas Whipple (b. abt 1475, of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, d. bet 1535 and 1537) had at least two sons, John and Thomas. The son Thomas was likely the father of Matthew Whipple, clothier, of Bocking, England (father of brothers Matthew and John who settled in Ipswich, MA in 1638).
  294. Thomas Whipple (b. 1739, d. 1820 in MI) was the father of Thomas Whipple (b. 16 Mar 1752, of CT, d. 1833 in MI), who married Lydia Gates (abt 1761-17 Mar 1795) in Nov 1778.
  295. Thomas Whipple (b. 1750) married Catherine Jeffrey in New London, CT, 13 September 1773. His ancestry is "through Samuel Whipple of Groton, to John Whipple of Providence, RI, who was in Dorchester, Massachusetts, as early as 1632," according to a secondary source.
  296. Thomas Whipple was the father of Lucy Whipple (b. 8 Mar 1778 in Danvers, Essex, MA, d. 6 Mar 1839 in Danvers, Essex, MA), who married James Holt in Danvers and had at least four children.
  297. Thomas Whipple (b. NY) and his wife Ruth (b. abt 1800 in VA) were parents of Edward Whipple, Charles Russell Whipple, and Rufus Whipple.
  298. Thomas Wippell (b. abt 1827 in Alphington, Devon, England) and his wife Elizabeth (b. abt 1839 in Alphington, Devon, England) had at least four children.
  299. Thomas Whipple (b. 20 October 1827 in Cattaraugus Co., NY; d. 23 February 1911 in Barry Co., MI) married Polly M. Knowles.
  300. Thomas C. O. D. Whipple (b. abt 1814 in Dublin) married Anne E. (b. abt 1824 in London Highgate, near London, England).
  301. Thomas Edward "Tom" Whipple (b. 25 Aug 1915, Freedom, Beaver, PA; d. 31 Mar 1968, Prescott, Yavapai, AZ; bur. Mountain View Cemetery, Prescott, Yavapai, AZ) married Alberta Grace Davis (4 Apr 1919 - 22 Feb 2009). They have four known children.
  302. Thomas J. Whipple (b. about 1823, Tonowanda, Niagara, NY; d. 23 Feb 1902; bur. Pioneer Cemetery, Hartford, MI) married Amanda Malvina Irish (abt 1827-22 Feb 1890) 6 Apr 1851 in NY.)
  303. Chief Thomas "Red Legs" Whipple was a Sioux chief in southern Minnesota (as were all of his fathers). He fought along side Chief Red Cloud and others against the "whiteman."
  304. Tryphenia Whipple (b. 26 Oct 1798) married Dean Tyler Robinson (b. 4 Jun 1794 in Weathersfield, Windsor, VT, d. 27 Mar 1861 in Middlebury, Addison, VT). Their daughter was Sarah Ann Robinson. Might Tryphenia be the daughter of James Whipple and Tryphena Barber?
  305. Walter J. Whippell was born abt 1868 in Alphington, Devon, England.
  306. Willard Whipple (b. about 1803 in NY, d. 10 Mar 1873) is buried in Union Cemetery, Posey Co., IN.
  307. Willard Ernest Whipple (b. 29 Apr 1924 in Cleveland, OH; d. 3 Feb 2003 in Attleboro, MA) is buried in MA National Cemetery, Bourne, Barnstable Co., MA.
  308. Willimus Whipple and Maria Forte were married 2 Jun 1610 in Burlescombe, Devon, England.
  309. William Whipple of Boston, MA, announced his intentions to marry Elizabeth Leonard on 17 Jun 1775 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA.
  310. William Whipple and his wife Caroline, likely of Essex Co., MA, were the parents of Sarah Whipple (b. about 30 Apr 1791 in Hamilton, Essex, MA, d. 16 Apr 1882 in Essex, Essex, MA, bur. Spring Street Cemetery, Essex, Essex, Massachusetts). Sarah and her husband Daniel Story were parents of nine known children.
  311. William Whipple (17 Mar 1764-9 Jul 1808) married Abigail Knight.
  312. William Whipple (b. abt 1771, of Pomfret, Windham Co., CT) married Elizabeth Sharpe 1 Feb 1798 in Pomfret. Their daughter Wait Whipple was born 13 Jan 1799 in Pomfret.
  313. William Whipple (b. abt 1784 in Plymouth, Devon, England) and his wife Mary (b. abt 1794 in Plymouth, Devon, England) had at least three children.
  314. William Whipple (b. 1790 in OH, d. 1828) married Abigail Harrington (b. 1795 in OH, d. 1864). They were parents of Stephen H. and William S. Whipple (and possibly others?)>
  315. William Whipple of New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA, married Parmelia Weston on 15 Jan 1823 in New Bedford.
  316. William Whipple (b. abt 1796 in NY, d. 17 Jan 1858, bur. Grilley Cemetery, Florence, Oneida Co., NY) married Margaret (b. abt 1804 in NY, d. 21 Aug 1877, bur. Grilley Cemetery). They were parents of at least five children.
  317. William Whipple (b. 1806 in North Stonington, New London Co., CT) married Nancy and had a son named Erastus D. Whipple.
  318. William Whipple (b. abt 1809 in NY, d. 19 Dec 1891, bur. Carmichael Hill Cemetery, Western, Oneida Co., NY) and Phebe Brooks (b. abt 1807 in NY, d. aft 7 Jul 1860, of Steuben, Oneida Co., NY) were parents of at least 5 children.
  319. William Whipple was born abt 1809 in Exeter, Devon, England.
  320. William Whipple was born abt 1811 in Ireland.
  321. William Whipple and his wife Charlotte (b. abt 22 Sep 1828, d. 1 Jun 1853) were parents of De Ver Whipple (b. abt. 12 Nov 1844, d. 26 Jan 1845, bur. Old Bridgeport Cemetery, Sullivan, Madison Co., NY).
  322. William Whipple (b. abt 1830 in GA, still living 2 Jul 1870 in Irwinton, GA) and his wife Mary were parents of six known children.
  323. William Whipple and Abasha Allen were parents of Levi Whipple, who was born 7 March 1846 in Morris, Grundy Co., Illinois and died after 1926, when he was living in Los Angeles, California.
  324. William Whipple of VT is the great-grandfather of J.R. Whipple of Seattle. Might this person be the same person as this William M. Whipple? Both were married to a Phoebe Williams.
  325. William Whipple may have been the father of Roswell Whipple (b. about 1808 in VT) and his possible sister Mary Ann. (Roswell is listed as Russel Whipple, head of household, in the 1850 census of Johnsburgh, Warren Co., NY, with NY listed as place of birth. In the 1860 census (as Roswell Whipple), his birth place is given as VT. The 1840 census of Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT lists Roswell as head of household, living next door to Wright Whipple, who is 20-30 years older than Roswell.)
  326. William Whipple (b. abt 1823 in VT, d. 23 Apr 1901, bur. Lewis Center Cemetery, Lewis, Essex Co., NY) and his wife Nanch C. Wheeler had at least three children: George E. Whipple (abt 1857-1 Jan 1892), Etta Whipple (b. abt 1863) and Nellie Whipple (b. abt 1867).
  327. William Whipple is thought to have been the father of Charles "Charley" Whipple (b. abt 1869 in IL or IN, d. abt 1911-12 in Williamson County, IL, bur. Hinshaw Cemetery, Stonefort, Williamson, IL) married (1) Arta "Artie" Mae Satterfield and (2) Melissa "Ellen" Evetts.
  328. William Whittle or Whipple (b. abt 1838 in Preston, Lancashire, England) and his wife Avis (b. abt 1853 in Chatham, Kent, England) were parents of George and Lucy.
  329. William A. Whipple (b. Oct 1853 in NY, still living 1 Jun 1925 in Oneida, Madison Co., NY) married Abi B. Rice abt 1879 in NY. They were parents of at least two children: Hattie and Emma P. Whipple.
  330. William A. Whipple was born May 1870 in IL. He died after the 1920 U.S. Census was taken on 7 Jan 1920, when he and his wife Elizabeth K. "Lizzie" (Auer) Whipple were living in St. Louis, MO. Elizabeth (b. Mar 1870 in IL) died 3 Sep 1924 in St. Louis. Their children were Katie W. Whipple and Raymond D. Whipple.
  331. William B. Whipple (b. 19 Nov 1814 in RI, d. 2 Jan 1868 in Dahlgren, Hamilton, IL) married Lucinda abt 1824 and had at least two children, Charles A. and Elizabeth J.
  332. William Ellingwood Whipple (b. 1 Nov 1803 in Newport, Sullivan, RI, d. 1884 in Rosendale, Fond du Lac, WI) married Philena Cushman. They are the parents of William Wallace Whipple and grandparents of Emma Eucaba Whipple, who married Edward Kingston Ker. I don't think this William Ellingwood Whipple is the same person as another William Ellingwood Whipple who was born nearby at about the same time. (Do you?)
  333. William G. Whipple was born in Illinois in Mar 1873, and was living in Blue, Jackson Co., Missouri in January 1920. His wife, Alma Zillah, was born in Kansas in Mar 1874 and died in Sedan, Chautauqua Co., Kansas on 21 Apr 1953. Their son was Clarence William Whipple (b. abt 1903 in Kansas, d. 18 Jun 1963 in Sedan, Kansas.)
  334. William H. Whipple (b. abt 1810 in NY, d. 27 May 1899 in Gagetown, Tuscola, MI, bur. Grant Cemetery in Gagetown) married Harriet (b. abt 1817 in NY, d. abt Mar 1899, probably in Gagetown.
  335. William H. Wippell (b. abt 1842 in Thorveston, Devon, England) and his wife Emma (b. abt 1848 in Halberton, Devon, England) had a daughter Emma J. S. Wippell (b. abt 1879 in Butterleigh, Devon, England).
  336. William J. Wippell (b. abt 1854 in Exeter, Devon, England) married Celia (b. abt 1858 in Hythe, Kent, England).
  337. William Jay Whipple, b. 1839 in Troy, NY, lived in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon, California, and VA. He died in Winona, Minnesota. Submitted by David Barth.
  338. William Jesse Whipple, b. Apr 1827 in MA, d. 1908 probably in Canton, Stark Co., OH. He married Martha M. Ebright. They were parents of four known children.
  339. William M. Whipple (b. 1836 in MI, still living in 1880 in St. Charles, Saginaw Co., MI) married Frances A. Phillips (b. 1842 in MI, still living with William in 1880) on 5 Aug 1860 in Livingston, Berrien Co., MI. They had at least two children.
  340. William P. Whipple was born abt 1836 in Virginia.
  341. William M. Whipple (b. 3 Apr 1840 in TN, d. 24 Aug 1916 in TN) married Rachel Elisabeth Fox in about 1866. Then had 7 known children.
  342. William Patton Whipple (b. abt 1807 in Portland, Cumberland Co., ME, d. 9 Sep 1864 in Philadelphia, PA, buried in Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia) married Mary J. Snyder. They were parents of seven known children. The submitter of William's information wrote the following:
    I'd love to think that William Patton Whipple could be the son of John Whipple and grandson of Job Whipple, but it's purely conjecture. Capt. John Whipple died in Philadelphia, PA in 1857 where William Patton Whipple, a sea captain, had been living since 1824. In 1824 a Job Whipple signs William's application for a Seamans Protection Certificate. He could be William's brother and named for his grandfather Job Whipple. As I said, pure speculation.
  343. William Sterling Whipple, b. 1 July1809 in Seneca Co., NY, d. 14 Apr 1884 in Berrien Co., Mich.
  344. Willis Whipple (b. abt 1825 in GA, living in Wilkinson County, GA for the 11 Jun 1880 federal census) married Hannah (b. abt 1832 in GA, also living in Wilkinson County, GA for the 11 Jun 1880 federal census). They were parents of (possibly) 14 (but likely fewer) known children.
  345. Zebulon Whipple (b. 1793 in NY, d. before 1860 in MI) married Phoebe Andrews
  346. Edwards Whipple Williams was born 7 Jul 1819 in Dudley, Worcester Co., MA to Abiel and Sally Williams.
  347. Olney Whipple Wilmarth (b. Jun 1843, probably in Smithfield, Providence, RI, d. 13 Mar 1921 in RI, bur. Moshassuck Cemetery, Lonsdale Road, Central Falls, Providence, RI) married Susan Baker. They had at least eight children.
  348. Solomon Whipple Young was born about 1821 in RI; he died in 1877 and is buried in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, RI He married three times; Lydia Thorpe Seaver was his second wife.

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