Group picture #2 (no Curtis McGonigle or Peter Caldwell)

The John Whipple House built circa 1650 in Ipswich, Mass., serves as the backdrop for a July 4th, 1999, Whipple family portrait. The house was purchased by the Ipswich Historical Society in 1989 and opened to the public on July 5, 1899. Front row: Gerald H. Whipple (in chair), James A. Whipple (on ground), Janna L. Whipple, James N. Whipple, Steven N. Whipple, Katharine T. Whipple, Lynne Whipple, Krystal Dupre, Jim Whipple, Charles A. Whipple, Randi von Steinwehr and Bob Baker. Second row: Betty Whipple, Shirley Adams, Victoria Fiske, Gillian Fiske, Rebecca Fiske, Ann Whipple, Gregory Whipple, Sue Smead, Cindi Russell, Cindy Frost, Joanne Lahr-Kreischer, Everett Whipple, Jennifer Whipple, Thomas Whipple, Angeline Hunter, Kenneth Hunter and Krysti Park. Third row: Raymond Whipple, Lynne Mallard, Isabelle Fiske, Elaine Whipple, Patricia Kaurenen, Scott Whitehouse, Leslie Whitehouse, Carolyn Streeter, John Dixon Whipple, Bruce Whipple, Ryan Pollock and Jessica Pollock. Fourth row: John Whipple, Joan Hill, Glodean Gates, Jane Fiske, William Fiske, Alvin Whipple, Norma Stowe, Alvin Stowe, Barbara Lasenechal, Betty Whipple, Marge Cleary, John Whipple, Dorothy Franks, Ruth Whipple, Richard Whipple, Dorilie McGonigle, Barbara Whipple, L. Dale Whipple, Bruce Whipple and Suzanne Park. Back row: John Fiske, Grant Whipple, Jim Whitehouse, Janet Whitehouse, William Enoch Whipple, Bill Whipple, Don Streeter, Alan Earnhart, Robert Franks, Jim Whipple, Allison Earnhart, H. Dean Whipple, Weldon Whipple, Dot Whipple and Diane Smith.